Adobe InDesign

Q1. What is one reason to click Object > Text Frame Options?


Q2. Which panel allows you to add an arrowhead to the end of a line?


Q3. In the image shown, what do you know about the Body Text paragraph style?



Q4. You want to ensure that an image on your page is exactly 25% of its original size. How can you determine whether the image is set to the desired size?

Q5. You have an empty one-page InDesign document. You have used File > Place to select a Word document that contains many pages of text. What will help you place the full story quickly?

Q6. You select a graphic frame that contains a Photoshop image and use the Scale field in the Control panel to enlarge it to 200%. What happens to the effective image resolution?

Q7. What is one reason you might want to use the Text Variables feature?

Q8. You want to place 4 of a multipage PDF into an InDesign document. What should you do?

Q9. Suppose that master page B is based on master page A, and you are currently editing master B. Which statement is true?

Q10. In the image shown, the text is on a path. You want to move the text farther to the right along the path. How can you accomplish this?


Q11. When you select a rectangular frame on the page, InDesign displays a yellow square near the frame’s upper-right corner. What does this allow you to do?

Q12. What action can the Pen tool perform on a selected object?

Q13. What is one reason you might want to use the Span Columns feature?

Q14. Which statement about tables is true?

Q15. Which feature would you use to create the effect shown, where the grouped circles blend but not the object behind them?


Q16. In the image shown, what do the colored frame edges indicate?


Q17. To resize any frame and its contents and maintain the proportions of both, which key or keys must you press while dragging from a corner handle?

Q18. In the image shown, what can you infer about how this document will print?


Q19. After you click a color stop in the Gradient panel to select it, how can you set its color to a swatch in the Swatches panel?

20. Suppose you apply a gradient to a frame, then select New Gradient Swatch in the Swatches panel menu. Which feature is not saved in the gradient swatch?

21. Which export format lets you gather viewer stats, such as several views?

22. You create an InDesign document with 1/8” bleed. After laying out the project, the printer calls to say that items in the document do not bleed. What is most likely the problem?

23. What are two differences between the PDF/X-1a and the PDF/X-4 PDF export presets?

24. Suppose you have selected a graphic frame that contains an image. Now you use File > Place and select another photograph. By default, what happens?

25. What does the icon to the right of the page thumbnail indicate?

26. Suppose you place text in a frame, but the text is too close to the frame edge. What feature will help you adjust this?

27. Which feature helps you open or close sets of panels in the user interface?

28. Your document measurements are displayed in picas. How can you change this to centimeters?

29. How can you apply master page B to page 3?

30. Suppose you place text in a frame, but the text is too close to the frame edge. What feature will help you adjust this?

31. You are creating a flyer to be printed, and you want the background color to extend past the edge of the page. Which setting in the New Document dialog box will help you accomplish this??

32. You are working on an InDesign document and there are guides on the page, but you cannot select them. Why is this? (select three items).

-A. The guides are on a layer that has printing disabled. -B. The guides are on a locked Layer. -C. The guides are being controlled using an object style. -D. Lock guides have been enabled. -E. The guides are on a master page.


33. You have an InDesign document with text on one layer and images on another. You want images with a text wrap applied to not wrap text when the layer is hidden. Where would you find the option to control this?

34. You select some text with the Type tool, then click the Eyedropper tool and click a Photoshop image on your page. What happens? (Select three answers.)

A. The color switches to black. B. The color you click is applied to the text. C. The color appears as a swatch in the Swatches panel. D. The color appears in the Color panel. E. If the image is in RGB mode, the text color is also set to RGB mode.


35. In an interactive document, you want two objects to fade in simultaneously on the page. Which panel helps you do this?

37. You have a paragraph style called Heading applied to text throughout a document. You modify the formatting of Heading in one paragraph, and would like this formatting to apply to all paragraphs with the Heading style applied. Which command would you accomplish this task?

38. What is the key difference between File > Document Setup and File > Adjust Layout?

39. Which feature is available for both the Adobe PDF (interactive) and Adobe PDF (Print) export options?

40. How do you apply a Fade animation to the selected object?

41. What is the most important feature to use before sending an InDesign file to a colleague to work on?

42. You want to move an image from one graphic frame to another. Which feature will you need to use?

43. While formatting some text in InDesign, you apply a paragraph style that uses the Adelle Regular font. However, after applying the style, all of the text is formatted using Adelle Bold. The paragraph style shows no overrides. What is most likely the cause of this?

44. What is the gutter?

45. Where do you set left and right indents for typing in a selected text frame?

46. When applying a color to text, why is it a problem to use the registration color instead of black?

47. This text frame is filled with Paper and there are only two frames (the text frame and the image behind it). How would you achieve this effect, where you can see through the frame but not the text?

Alt text

48. When you hover your mouse over a frame, the Content Grabber appears. However, when you click the Content Grabber, no image appears within the frame. What is most likely the cause of this?

49. What feature lets you change the orientation of an individual page in your document from portrait to landscape?

50. To what elements can you not apply a transparency effect such as opacity?


51. Why might you press the W key when no objects are selected on your page?

52. Given the document shown, what feature do you need to choose in the Print dialog box to print correctly?

Alt text

53. You have designed a 32-page magazine and you want to export it as a PDF to send to a printer. Which option in this Export AdobePDF dialog is probably set incorrectly?

Alt text

54. What is the best reason to use the Effects panel?

55. What can you infer about the LightGreen color?

Alt text

56. The frame on the left is being moved. What does the green arrow indicate?

Alt text

58. Which panel is best suited for converting 10 images into a single slideshow on a page?

59. Why might you turn off Allow Document Pages to Shuffle in the Pages panel menu?

60. Which statement about importing a Microsoft Word document into InDesign is true?


61. You select a frame and click Object > Arrange > Send to Back. The frame still appears above another object on your page. What is the most likely reason?

62. You are creating a set of radio buttons for an interactive form in the Buttons and Forms panel. Which rule is true?

63. What is one reason to use a nested line style?

64. what does the circled i icon indicate?

Alt text

65. A tagline that overlaps a graphic disappears when you move an image frame close to it. Why is this happening and how do you fix it?


66. After you click a color stop in the Gradient panel to select it, how can you set its color to a swatch in the Swatches panel?