Adobe XD

Q1. Where was this Lock icon applied?


Q2. In this figure, which value represents the bottom margin of the layout grid?


Q3. What does clicking the circled icon enable you to do?


Q4. You want to share your project to a blog or social media. How would you accomplish this?

Q5. You need to have a keyboard appear when a text area is tapped. Which action type should you apply?

Q6. How do you stop guides from snapping to objects on the artboard?

Q7. Your developer notifies you that the left alignment of some the text in a slide in menu is off by 2 pixels. How did the developer catch this?

Q8. How can you swap one component for another that is already in the project?

Q9. You created a button and converted it to a component in order to make the button interactive. When you open the Component (Master) area in the Property Inspector and click Default State, you notice the button already has one state applied to it. What state is applied?

Q10. You have copied an interaction to the clipboard. How would you apply this interaction to multiple objects?

Q11. Device preview requires a _

Q12. Which export setting would you use to create a low-res asset whose size is 50% of the asset on the screen?

Q13. What does this wire attached to a component indicate?


Q14. What happens when you click this circled icon in the design preview?


Q15. Which method for bringing Illustrator content into XD is not possible?

Q16. After completing a project, you deactivated a couple of Adobe fonts. Now you need to make changes to the XD file. How do you reenable the Adobe fonts in XD?