Autodesk Fusion 360

Q1. How can you edit a feature?

Q2. Which tool creates a plane normal to a sketch path or edge?

Q3. Which tool measures the precise distance between two points, and creates dimensions that are parallel to the locations of objects?

Q4. How many holes were used in the making of this object?


Q5. In simulation, which constraint prevents movement in a specific direction?

Q6. In the CAM workspace, which strategy removes a part’s interior cavity?

Q7. What does the Zebra Analysis tool do?

Q8. Which command creates a plane at the midpoint between two faces or work planes?

Q9. Which hole type automatically enters a diameter value based on the type of fastener it will accomodate?

Q10. Which workspace creates components made from thin, premade material formed into specific shapes?

Q11. What is required to invite other people into your project folder?

Q12. Which tool connects two joints in a way that the motion of one joint can drive the motion of another joint?

Q13. Which joint type allows components to translate along two axes and rotate around a single axis?

Q14. Which view shows a drawing part at an enlarged scale?

Q15. Which file type is not a drawing output?

Q16. What command do you use to understand the relationship between multiple joints?

Q17. What translator converts the screen toolpath into language the CNC machine understands?

Q18. Which pattern tool copies objects around a selected axis?

Q19. What is the initial view placed in a drawing called?

Q20. Which command performs Boolean operations between solid bodies?

Q21. In the CAM workspace, which strategy removes a part’s interior cavity?

Q22. What does the Zebra Analysis tool do?

Q23. You want to set up studies to test your design and see how it performs under various loads and conditions. Which workspace do you use?

Q24. Which type of fillet applies two or more radius values to a selected edge?

Q25. Which tool analyzes a T-spline body and corrects it?

Q26. Which pattern tool creates copies of objects in one or two directions?

Q27. Which command shows the movement of the joint only, and does not take into account other grounded joints or any external effects on the joint?

Q28. How many sketches are required to create this object?