.NET Framework

Q1. What is the difference between a stack and queue?

Q2. Which group contains all official types of JIT compilations?

Q3. What is Kestrel?

Q4. When would you use asynchronous actions?

Q5. What is CoreCLR?

Q6. When you define an abstract method, how do you use it in a derived class?

Q7. Which code do you use if you want to trigger a garbage collection in .NET?

Q8.You want to include language elements in a program. Which design pattern best fits this objective?

Q9.What makes a strong-named assembly?

Q10.What happens when you concatenate two strings?

Q11.What is a delegate?

Q12.Which is a set of features that extends the query capabilities of the .NET language syntax by adding sets of new standard query operators that allow data manipulation, regardless of the data source?

Q13.What is the single responsibility principle?

Q14.When should a developer use the .NET Standard class library project type?

Q15.What is the difference between a SDK (software development kit) and runtime in .NET Core?

Q16. What is the Common Type System (CTS)?

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Q17.Assuming y is a value type, which is an example of boxing?

Q18.What is an abstract class in .NET?

Q19.What is the namespace for caching information in .NET?

Q20.What is an interface in .NET?

Q21. What does CAS stand for and what does it do?

Q22. Which is NOT true about lambda statements?

Q23. Which is NOT true about a read-only variable?

Q24. What is the difference between System.String and string?

Q25. When break is used inside two nested for loops, does control come out of the inner for loop or the outer for loop?

Q26. You want to separate object construction from its representation. Which design pattern best fits this objective?

Q27. You want to encapsulate a command request as an object. Which design pattern best fits this objective?

Q28. Why would Pre-JIT be used by the .NET Framework?

Q29. What do code contracts do?

Q30. You must connect an app to an online identity provider using OAuth. For authentication, the app uses WebAuthenticationBroker object. You need to make sure the app registers with the provider. Which actions do you take?

Q31.You want to create a class of which only a single instance can exist. Which design pattern best fits this objective?

Q32.What is the dependency inversion principle?

Q33.What is a namespace?

Q34.Which of the following selects an anonymous type?

Q35.Which is NOT true about a constant variable?

Q36.What is the purpose of CLR?

Q37.What is CIL?

Q38. ___ pattern works as a bridge between two incompatible interfaces? // wording in question is maybe changed?

Q40. Why would you use ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation?

Q41. Which statement describes a Dispose method?

Q42. What is a thread?

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Q43. You want to add responsibilities to object dynamically. Which design pattern best fit this objective?

Q44. Which choice creates an 8-tuple containing prime numbers that are less than 20?

Q45. How can you recieve form data without a model binder in a controller action?

Q46. Where should you store connection string information?