Q1. How can you minimise all views except for the currently selected view in the Eclipse interface?

Q2. What happens when you execute the Run -> Skip all Breakpoints command?

Q3. What is not a key part of Eclipse projects and technologies?

Q4. Which is a valid way to create a code snippet?

Q5. In this image, what does the circled button do?

Q6. When inserting a snippet containing variables into a source file, how are values for the variable defined?

Q7. How can you create a new Git branch in Eclipse?

Q8. Why might you use the Open Type button?

Q9. In the JUnit view, what is the value in the parentheses after a previously run unit test?

Q10. In this image, what does the circled icon in the Problems view do?

Q11. What can you not do in the Expressions view?

Q12. Your code is highlighted in red when running code coverage. Why is this?

Q13. When selecting the Synchronise Workspace option for a project, what perspective is opened?

Q14. Which is not a way to check the value of a variable while debugging?

Q15. How can you configure Eclipse to open a webpage in a browser outside of Eclipse using the Windows (Eclipse) -> Preferences -> General -> Web Browser dialog page?

Q17. What is included in your wqorkspace folder?

Q18. What can you not do in the Variables view?

Q19. What is not a method stub that Eclipse will create for you in the New JUnit Test Case window?

Q20. What does the Problems view show?

Q21. When switching workspaces, what is preserved?

Q22. How can you set files to save automatically when launching an application?