Q1. Which ad component has three fields that allow 30 characters each?

Q2. When reviewing the Recommendations page, you identify a suggestion that you want to use. What is the most practical way to implement the suggestion?

Q3. Griff has noticed that his best-performing keywords has started to see an increased CPC, despite no changes on his part. What is the most likely reason for this?

Q4. You are running a campaign that will consist of 15 ads. What is the minimum number of ad groups that you can have as part of the campaign?

Q5. Braxton has his maximum bid set to $5. His competitor bids $3.95. How much will Braxton pay upon winning the auction?

Q6. Maurice creates an ad headline that reads “Buy {Keyword:hats} Today”. Which headline could not be displayed to a user for this ad?

Q7. Which choice is not an option when configuring ad extensions?

Q8. Which choice is a best practice when designing a landing page for an ad campaign?

Q9. Which choice has no impact on Quality Score?

Q10. Marcelina wants to know how many sales her Google Ads brought in. What should she set up?

Q11. Kellan creates an ad headline that reads “Buy {Keyword:Shoes} Today”. What is this an example ad?

Q12. Which factor does Google Ads consider when determining whether a remarketing list qualifies for a similar audiences list?

Q13. An auction has a normal bid of $.50 but there is an active bid adjustment of -20%. What is the final bid amount?

Q14. Raisa starting running a new ad campaign a month ago. Without making any changes, she noticed that her CPC has gone down significantly in the last week. What could have caused this?

Q15. Which ad rotation setting uses machine learning to prioritize ads based upon expected performance?

Q16. Clara is running retargeted display ads, but does not want her audience to experience ad fatique. What should be configure?

Q17. If someone performs a search for “most comfortable chair”, which ad description text would likely perform the best?

Q18. Why would you use callout extensions?

Q19. You have a maximum CPC bid of $4 for the keyword Coffee Mugs. What tool could you use to determine the projected result of raising the bid to $4.50?

Q20. Which keyword status is not valid?

Q21. When reviewing a campaign, you notice that your cost per conversion on desktop is much lower than on mobile. How should you optimize the bidding strategy is you wanted to increase the overall number of campaign conversions?

Q22. With Google’s Active View technology, when is an impression of a display ad considered viewable?

Q23. Rhama wants to increase her bids for any customers that are within a selected radius of her storefront. What would you recommend she do?

Q24. The standard approach to submitting product data to Google Ads is through the use of a product _.

Q25. In order to create a similat audience, you must provide Google Ads with _.

Q26. How do responsive search ads increase your likelihood of reaching more customers?

Q27. Sion is having a sale that will last three days. He wants his ad text to show how much time is remaining in the sale. Would would you recoment for Sion?

Q28. Tabitha has a mobile application that is complementary to her website. She wants to make it known to potential customers, but driving app downloads is not her main goal. What would you recommend she configure on her Google Ads?

Q29. Which solution allows you to show ads in Google search results, only if the user has previously visited your website?

Q30. Maurice creates an ad heading that reads “Buy {Keyword:hats} Today”. Which headline could not be displayed to a user for this ad?

Q31. Why are aad extensions beneficial?

Q32. In a text ad, the display URL is made up of the domain from your final URL and up to two ___.

Q33. Within the Display Network, locations where your ad can appear are referred to as _.

Q34. Which setting lets you monitor how certain criteria perform with your ads without limiting reach?

Q35. Tory manages marketing for a hotel franchise with a thousand locations worldwide. Each hotel location has its own landing page. If Tory wanted to quickly generate search ads for every location, which ad type would be most beneficial?

Q36. Which keyword is of the “phrase match” type?

Q37. Janice operates a brand-new dry cleaning business, with five locations throughout Ireland. What would be a good way to organize a campaign announcing the grand opening?

Q38. Which factor does Google Ads consider when determining whether a remarketing list qualifies for a similar audiences list?

Q39. What is ad frequency?

Q40. Which metric does not help in understanding your ROI?

Q41. Which choice represents the hierarchy of search campaigns in Google Ads?

Q42. If you continuously search for your own advertisement using Google, just to confirm that it appears, it is very likely that you will inflate your _ and decrease your _.

Q43. Which report would most accurately show how far away users are when clicking your ads in relation to the location of your business?


Q44. If your average daily budge is $20, what is the maximum amount Google Ads may charge you on a single day?

Q45. Ursula owns a yoga studio in New York City (NYC). A customer performs several searches in the following order: “yoga studio near me”, “best yoga NYC”, “yoga free trial NYC”. What attribution model would assign 100% of the credit for the conversion to yoga free trial NYC?