IT Operations

Q1. You are configuring a Wi-Fi base station using DHCP. Which items should you set or change?

Q2. Can you connect a DisplayPort monitor to a USB-C port on your computer?

Q3. What is the I/O panel?

Q4. The computer consistently boots into Safe Mode. How would you address this issue?

Q5. Which choice is not a typical adjustment found on a monitor?

Q6. Assuming that the gateway, modem, and switch are separate units, in what order should a small office or home office LAN be restarted?

  1. Modem
  2. Gateway
  3. Switch
  1. Modem
  2. Switch
  3. Gateway
  1. Gateway
  2. Switch

Q7. A client needs to secure their cafe’s wireless network, which is used only by employees. What is the best approach for a finite list of devices?

Q8. Which hardware port would not be found on a typical gateway?

Q9. The recent Windows update introduced some quirks in the system. How can you enter the Windows Recovery Environment to recover from the update?

Q10. Which components are typically found on the motherboard?

Q11. What does the acronym RAID refer to?

Q12. To which internal component does the illustrated (P1) connector attach?


Q13. Your computer boots at very low resolution that cannot be increased through display settings. What is the most likely solution?

Q14. To which choice can the wget program be considered similar?

Q15. Does an incognito window prevent websites from tracking your activity on the web?

Q16. What must you confirm before performing a processor upgrade?

Q17. Which type of storage has the fastest data access speeds?

Q18. A Bluetooth peripheral is prompting for a passcode to complete the pairing/connection process. What is the peripheral, most likely?

Q19. Walt’s computer is several years old and he wants to ensure that the system works until he gets a replacement. What should he do first?

Q20. What is one difference between a drive and media?

reference: a drive is a device capable of interacting with data recorded on a media; this media can be removable or non-removable.

Q21. Mass storage inside a desktop computer case is usually found where?

Q22. Which statement about a modular power supply is true?

Q23. Which program controls the Windows startup sequence?

Q24. Angela ran a diagnostic that shows an ever-decreasing amount of memory in her computer. What could be the problem?

Q25. Which type of power connector is this?


Q26. What is the most important thing to do before opening a computer case?

Q27. On a trackpad, what gesture commonly replaces “center mouse wheel” for things like scrolling through documents?

Q28. What is the name of the hardware that provides a computer with network access?

Q29. Networking wire is referred to as _.

Q30. Miguel is working on the computer, and Jen needs to use it for a moment. What can Miguel do to provide for an easy transition?

Q31. A _ allows you to plug computers into a central location to communicate on the same local area network.


Q32. After plugging in an external 3.5mm microphone, you stop hearing sound from the speakers. What is the most likely source of the problem?

Q33. You think that the Internet is down. How can you know for certain?

Q34. An application is unresponsive. How can you effectively close it down?

Q35. How can you tell that the website you are visiting is sending and receiving data that has been encrypted?

Q36. The client/server model best represents _.

Q37. The primary mass storage device is divided into two partitions. What would explain this arrangement?

Q38. You are replacing a processor. How do you build the processor “sandwich”, top-down?

Q39. The operating system tells you that a file is busy. What is the fastest way to attempt to make the file un-busy?

Q40. Which service allows clients to work remotely and supplies the clients with an IP address on the same local area network as the office?

Q41. Al is about to update a software driver. What would be a wise thing to do first?

Q42. What is the process of moving data and programs from an old computer to a new one called?


Q43. The local network is up, but the computers cannot access the Internet. Your Internet configuration includes a modem, gateway (router), and a switch as separate devices. What should you do?

Q44. You notice that a program crashes at a specific time. Which tool can you use in Windows to discover the cause?

Q45. While planning a conference at a center in the mountains, you call ahead to ensure that it has broadband Internet access. Which connection type would be an unsuitable choice?

Q46. What is a fixed-disk?

Q47. What are the long-term and short-term categories of storage in a computer?


Q48. What is referred to by SSID?


Q49. Which is the standard color coding for audio jacks?

Q50. Which key assists limited keyboard layouts (such as on a laptop) with accessing the full range of keys?

Q51. You power up your computer and it starts in Safe Mode. What should you do?

Idea behind the answer: let’s go for a quick restart to see whether the problem fixes itself or not, then only try to determine the cause and address the issue.

Q52. Which security tool can be doubled up to offer additional protection without being redundant?

Q53. The mouse pointer is behaving erratically. What should you do first?

Q54. How many wire pairs are in a CAT-5 cable?

Q55. What is the difference between a USB hub and a powered USB hub?

Q56. Which of the following users has the smartest approach to online security?

Q57. Which is an example of a phishing attack?

Q58. You receive a malware warning regarding a specific file. Which approach should you take to ensure that you do not have false positive?

Q59. What are the best tools to use for cleaning a computer?

Q60. A computer power supply is measured in _.

Q61. If you had a subnet mask, how many usable IP addresses would you have for hosts?

Q62. Tania was told to change a setting in the UEFI. How is it accessed?

Q63. What is the technical reason why you must properly eject media?

Q64. Which part of the network assigns an IP address?

Q65. Expansion cards follow which current interface standard?

Q66. Which action triggers a UAC warning?

Q67. Which choice is not a current mass storage type?

Q68. Which statement most accurately describes the north-bridge or host-bridge?

Q69. Which characters are not allowed in a filename?

Q70. What is the most direct way to change the desktop background in Windows OS?

Q71. Which I/O components are typically found in a chipset on the motherboard?

Q72. What does the acronym RAID refer to?

Q73. What is an example of a top-level domain (TLD)?

Q74. Jan is setting up a coffee shop’s wireless network. Given the number of Wi-Fi networks within range, which are the best choices for a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel?

Q75. When elevated access is required, what steps must a user take?

Q76. What is a duplex printer?

Q77. Which choice is not an internal computer upgrade?