Microsoft Outlook

1. What can you set a reminder for in Outlook?

2. What is the default permission that other people in your organization have to your calendar?

Can view when I’m busy.

3. Your boss sends you an email with a request to set up a meeting and copies all meeting attendees on the message. What is the fastest way to create the calendar appointment

4. You are running low on Outlook storage space. How might you address this problem?

5. Why are read receipts less reliable than delivery receipts?

A. Users can change their email settings to ignore requests for read receipts.
B. Users can decline individual requests for read receipts.
C. Read receipts are expensive, so some organizations turn them off.

6. What address box should you use if you want to hide message recipients from each other?

7. You are creating a new email message to Diane and Joey. You need a response from Diane, but are simply informing Joey. How should you address the email?

8. Which choice is not an attachment?

9. You can use a_to indicate that a message requires further action and ato organize the message.

10. You create a task and assign it to Nalia. Nalia reviews the request and declines the assignment. Where is the task now, and who is the owner?

11. What does Outlook automatically point out to you when you are invited to a meeting?

12. What appears on your screen whenever a new email arrives?

13. Some of your inbox folder are used for annual or biannual projects, while others are used for work that is not based on projects. The same is true for your calendars. How can you use archiving to increase your efficiency and minimize the size of your mailbox?

14. Removing redundant messages can be completed by utilizing what Outlook features?

15. You have sent several emails to a customer and have not received a response. What option do you set to know whether the customer receives your messages?

16. A message on your summary list appears with a paper clip icon and an arrow pointing to the left. What does this indicate?

17. What is a key difference between sending someone your Outlook contact and sending you Outlook business card?

18. You have received an email message with detailed notes that you need to analyze before responding, so you want to save it as a task. What is the best way to create a new task that includes the notes in the body of the task?

19. There are two types of Outlook rules. One is server-based rules, which run for Exchange Server. What are the other kind, which in part or in whole cannot run on Exchange Server, and when do the execute?

20. In earlier version of Outlook, you could easily apply a color to messages sent only to you, but the messages on which you were cc’d were still a visual distraction. How might you create an Inbox experience that is more focused than the default Outlook experience?

21. How can you quickly locate emails with large attachment?

22. What is not a built-in search filter for message folder?

23. You created a meeting for next Friday at 1 PM, and several invitees have accepted. How do you change only your version of the meeting to 12 PM to allow time to setup?

24. What is the fastest way to find a message sent by Bonnie Bradford that includes an attachment?

25. Each category must have a unique ___

26. Outlook autocompletes email addresses you have used previously, including addresses that you mistyped. How can you remove an incorrect autocomplete suggestion?

27. What is the key difference between an appointment and a meeting?

28. When adding an email account to Outlook, why might you need to enter the server settings manually?

29. You are viewing a date three months in the future, in Month view. You switch to check an email in the same window. When you switch back to the calendar, what will Outlook display?

30. When you @mention a colleague in an email message, what does not happen?

31. You have received an email messages with detailed notes that you need to analyze before responding, so you want to save it as a task. What is the best way to create a new task that includes the notes in the body of the task?

32. What is an appropriate use for voting buttons?

33. You created a meeting for next Tuesday at 2 PM, and several invitees have accepted. How do you change the meeting so it will begin at 1 PM and last for one hour?

A. Open the calendar in Day, Week, or Work Week view. Drag the start time to 1 PM and send an update
B. Double click the meeting to open it, change the start time to 1 PM abd send an update
C. Some people have already accepted, so you must cancel this meeting and create a new meeting

34. What permission allows your delegates to read, create, change, and delete items that they create, but not items that you created?

35. Why might you create an additional contacts folder?

36. What is a key difference between flagging a message for follow up and creating a task from them?

37. When accepting a meeting invitation, what happens if you click “Do not send a response”?

38. What happens to your calendar when you adjust the time scale?

39. Which is not a good reason to create a new calendar?

40. Under what conditions can you successfully recall a message?

41. What rule can you create in View Settings to color code messages from a particular senderm such as your manager?

42. You have a contact folder for members and you need to track two additional pieces of member information: start date and last renewal. What is the simplest wat to track this information?

43. You have created a rule to automatically route emails to the Project A folder. Why might you also add Project A to Favorites? (Select all that apply)

A. To easily see when you have a new message related to Project A
B. To audit the rule
C. Because the unread messages count for the Inbox folder will not include Project A
D. Because you cannot create a search folder for a subfolder