Microsoft Power BI

Q1. A dataset that includes _ can be used to create a map visualization. (Select all that apply.)

A. house numbers, street names
B. geospatial data
C. city names, country names
D. longitude, latitude

Q2. How do you create a chart visual in Power BI Desktop Report view? (Select all that apply.)

A. Click New Visual on the Home tab.
B. Select a chart visual in the Visualizations pane.
C. Click New Visual on the Data Tools tab.
D. Select a field that contains values.

Q3. What daily sales number does this DAX measure formula calculate?


Q4. You are creating a report in Power BI Desktop and want to restrict the data to records where Country=”Canada”. To accomplish this, what do you need to create?

Q5. What is the primary benefit of using visualizations such as line charts, bar charts, and column charts?

Q6. In Power BI service, deleted pages are available after deletion until

Q7. You need to add a required color to a bar chart. How can you add an exact color value to an existing bar chart?

Q8. The Excel function IF is nearly the same as which DAX function?

Q9. Consider the Power BI extract, transform, and load process (ETL). During this process, data is read and then

Q10. Power BI’s Publish to Web option allows you to embed visualizations within _. (Select all that apply.)

A. blog posts
B. email messages
C. web sites
D. text messages

Q11. What can you do within the Power BI Desktop #### Query Settings pane? (Select all that apply.)

A. Rename a query step.
B. Delete a query step.
C. Delete from one query step to the end.
D. Reorder the steps.

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Q12. After you enter text in the #### Q&A box or O&A visual, Power BI will \_ your data to create a list of appropriate visualizations.

Q13. You just deleted a dashboard in the Power BI service and want to get it back. What should you do?

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Q14. You have a sales data source and want to relate the tables. The table that contains sales transactions is a _ table that contains product information is a _ table .

Q15. When you are creating a formula in the Power Query Editor, what does IntelliSense provide a list of? (Select all that apply.)

A. columns
B. tables
C. functions
D. data sources

Q16. You want to delete a dataset but the Power BI service will not let you. What is the most likely cause?

Q17. One of your data columns includes the city, state, and postal code line of a mailing address. You need to separate the fields so you can access the geospatial elements for a map visualization. What transformation should you apply?

Q18. Formatting options within a visualization depend on what?

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Q19. What tool can you use in Power BI Desktop to reduce data?

Q20. What is NOT a valid data connection type for Power BI Desktop?

Q21. Which data type can be uploaded directly to

Q22. What does Power BI Premium provide?

Q23. You have a report in Power BI service and want to save the state of a report page for easy access. What feature helps you do this?

Q24. What should you do to increase the readability of a report?

Q25. Which feature in the Power BI service is most useful when you need to create pages that present the same visualizations for different territories, salespeople, or teams?

Q26. What should you use to highlight a specific visualization in a report?

Q27. What does My Workspace on include?

Q28. You want to access the underlying data for a specific data point in a visualization. What should you choose?

Q29. You have a treemap visualization that groups by sales territory. To allow users to further analyze data for a specific territory, what filter should you apply?

Q30. Facebook, Twilio, GitHub, and MailChimp are all examples of Power BI _.

Q31. When you use Publish to Web in the Power BI service, who can view your published content?

Q32. The iterator functions SUMX and AVERAGEX are used to perform calculations _.

Q33. In Power BI Desktop Model view, what type of join will yield all results from Table 1 and any matching results from Table 2?

Q34. What is NOT a built-in Power BI visual?

Q35. You want to combine several CSV files into a single data file after you connect a folder. What must be true about these CSV data files? (Select all that apply.)

A. They must be stored in the same folder. B. They must have the same schema. C. They must have the same file type. D. They must have no duplicate data rows.

Q36. If you delete a dateset in the Power BI service, what happens to the dashboards and reports supported by the dataset?

Q37. Which DAX function compares a column of values in Table A with a similar column in Table B, and returns the values the are not found in Table B?

Q39. Power BI works best with tables that are _,

Q40. You have two columns of numerical data and want to create a visual to help determine if there is a relationship between them. What kind of chart is designed to do this?

Explanation: As both of the columns have numeric data, we will use a scatter chart and apply them in X-axis and Y-axis

Q41. In the report editor, which task can you NOT accomplish using drag and drop?

Q42. In general, what is the best way to shape your data for Power BI?

Q43. You can optionally include a filter in which DAX function?

Q44. Which feature is not in the Power BI Admin portal?

Q45. You want to count the number of products in the Products data table. Which DAX function works best?

Q46. You have just pinned a visualization to a new dashboard. Before you can add another visualization, what must you do?

Q47. You can create a live connection to _ .

Q48. What is the purpose of this code?

ProductCount = COUNT(Products[ProductID])

Q49. Your computer rental dataset includes columns for StartTime, EndTime, and PerHourRate. What two DAX functions could you use to calculate the total earned for rentals?

Q50. Which Q&A feature helps you ask questions and refine your visualization?

Q51. What does Power BI Desktop do when it cannot create a standard map visualization with the available data?

Q52. Bookmarks capture the state of a page. What does this capture state include?

A. sorting
B. filtering
C. current selection
D. properties of visuals

Q53. Your company’s national maintenance team is divided into 12 regions, and the Issues report they use is filtered by the user’s region. What report modification would help technicians while using the mobile app on the road? (Select all that apply.)

A. Add a geographic filter to City.
B. Add a geographic filter to State.
C. Add a geographic filter to Street Address.
D. Add a geographic filter to Country.

Q54. What does the usage metric “Most Consumed Dashboards by Users” include? (Select all that apply.)

A. the person who built the dashboard
B. other people who share the dashboard
C. users who consume the dashboard in a content pack
D. individual user downloads of the dashboard

Q55. How can you allow users to filter an entire report to display information for the last week, last two weeks, or last month?

Q56. A group admin for an app workspace cannot _ in their workspace.

Q57. In general, you should not add DAX calculated columns to your data moder if you are able to do what?

Q58. In the Power BI service, accessing a dataset for an uploaded Power BI file allows you what capabilities?

Q60. Your data model includes a Members data table and ten other tables, including these the lookup tables with unique IDs: City, State, and Country. How can you improve your data model for Power BI?

A. Combine City, State, and Country into one lookup table
B. Move City, State, and Country to the Member table
C. Combine City and State into one lookup table and remove the Country table
D. Leave the model as it is.

Q61. Before you can use a custom visualization from the Power BI Marketplace, you need to ____ in, then __ it to your Power BI account.

Q62. You have two Excel spreadsheets with data from separate reporting units. Both spreadsheets have the same column names. What Power Query Editor feature can you use to create a unified dataset?

Q63. Power BI Q&A chooses the best visualization based on data type - for example, a ** chart for date data and a ** for state/province data.

Q65. What are benefits of modifying your Excel data source in the Power Query Editor rather than in Excel?

A. You can track the changes you make.
B. It is less error prone than manual editing.
C. It will not affect other users of the spreadsheet.
D. It "locks down" the spreadsheet columns in Excel.

Q66. Your report is based on imported data from Excel. What is a valid reason to use a slicer rather than a report-lever filter?

A. A slicer makes it easier for users to filter
B. Users should be able to see both filtered and nonfiltered values.

Q67. Within Power BI, how can a report be created?

Q68. In the Power BI service, filters are applied in what view?

Q69. What are the first steps you take to connect to an Access database data source in Power BI?

Q70. What can you use Power BI for?

Q71. What is the primary purpose of the Relationship view in Power BI Desktop?

Q72. What do you call a visualization that has the single purpose of filtering other visuals in the view?

Q73. To share a dashboard and your comments from a mobile device, _ the dashboard.

Q74. In the Power Query Editor, you have selected multiple columns. How do you set them all to the Whole Number data type?

Q76. What are the first steps to connect to a data table on Wikipedia from Power BI Desktop?

Q77. In the Power Query Editor, what command do you use to remove a symbol - for example, a # that appears in every data now of the selected column?

Q78. Which type of visualization is best when you want to compare proportions in a large volume of data with multiple categories and subcategories?