Microsoft Project

Q1. Where can you set fixed duration, effort driven, and manually scheduled?

Q2. You would like the ability to edit your typed entries in the Entry Bar, which appears below the ribbon and above the default Entry table in the Gantt Chart view. You recently received a new computer and noticed that the Entry Bar is missing. How do you fix this?

Q3. Which of the following defines the project scope in terms of deliverables and components, and provides the framework on which the project status is based?

Q4. When setting the Calculate multiple critical paths option in a master project’s Advanced settings, which statement is correct?

Q5. What Microsoft Project view is shown in the image below?

Microsoft Project Q05

Q6. You want to switch the scheduling mode for a project from scheduling from a start date to scheduling from a finish date. This action will change the default constraint from As Soon As Possible to As Late As Possible. Which dialog box should you use to make this change?

Q7. A project contains many elements. What is used to describe the sum of the work required?

Q8. Which option is not available in the Report tab on the ribbon?

Q9. You are troubleshooting a schedule on someone else’s computer The schedule has 10,000 tasks. When a change is made to a task’s duration on a Fixed Units task, the start and finish dates do not change. change highlighting does not appear, and the Gantt Chart bat does not update. What is the cause of this issue?

The hint being "The schedule has 10,000 tasks" and the fact that the Gantt Chart does not update.

Q10. You would like to understand which tasks are critical and which are not. When looking at the Gantt chart, how are these tasks identified by default?

Q11. You are working on a project that has tasks with no flexibility. Which constraint type offers no flexibility?

Q12. In a project, duration can have different units. Which duration unit is not valid?

Q13. Microsoft Project uses calendars to schedule a project. Which project components can be assigned a calendar?

Q14. You are working on a project file that contains many linked subprojects. When saving the files, what option can you use to immediately save the open files, including those that have not changed?

Q15. A resource is assigned to a task that is scheduled for 2 days. The resource is scheduled for 8 hours (8h) per day at 100%. The resource performs actual work of 10 hours on the first day. How has the Peak for this resource changed?

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Q16. What is another name for a work breakdown structure?

Q17. A report for Earned Value Over Time has been requested, You decide to use a Microsoft Project visual report. What values does this report template compare when run?

Reasoning: the problem states that the finish of the secondary dishes should be the same with the finish of the main course. The main course takes longer to complete than the secondary dishes. If we set Start-to-Finish, the secondary dishes will begin after the main dish is complete and this is not what the problem stated.

Q19. A resource is overallocated in a project. This resource is responsible for two tasks that are to happen at the same time. The first of these tasks is on the critical path. Which solution should you use to remedy the overallocation?

Q20. How do you mark a task’s progress and have that progress reflected in the task’s summary task?

Q21. You have many tasks in a project file and want to convert them into milestones. How can you do this?

Q22. A project has been delayed by three months. In this project, you have set deadlines that also need to be delayed by three months. What feature should you use to accomplish both of these delays?

Q23. How many default base calendars does Microsoft Project set up for a project?

Q24. A task has a fixed duration If the units on the task are changed, what value for the task will automatically change as a result?

Q25. You are working with subproject files (the master project file is not open) and have saved the changes you made. What happens to the master project when it is opened?

Q26. You need to modify a resource pool. When opening the file that contains the pool, which option is not valid?

Q27. On your computer, Automatically add new views, tables. filters. and groups to the global is selected. You are using a custom filter that you created in one of your schedules, and you modify it to better meet your needs. You now notice that this modification is not available in other schedules. How do you fix this?

Q28. A graduated scale of rates can be created for a resource by using cost rate tables. What is the maximum number of cost rate tables each resource in a project have?

Q29. A project currently has a software developer performing two tasks at the same time. The first task is 5 days long; the second task is day long. It has been decided that the developer can take some time to work on the shorter task in the middle the longer task without impacting the schedule. What is the best way to this!

Q30. You want to change the view of the timescale on Gantt chart to be more granular. How many tiers does the timescale support?

Q31. You are assigned the ownership of schedule comprising approximately 12,000 tasks. You need to know exactly, with detail, which tasks have a constraint other than ASAP. The most effective method do this is to create a filter that tests for which set of conditions?

Q32. You are working with two project files. You want the second project to contain some of the same tasks, along with their work assignments, as the first project. You Choose to copy the tasks between the projects. What else is copied along with the task when performing basic copy and paste action?

Q33. You are working with a master project that contains subprojects, and you want to see a list of tasks on which a subproject file is dependent. How can you do this in Microsoft Project?

Q34. You want to manage multiple projects with one project designated as the master project. Which button on the ribbon do you use?

Q35. When you create a new blank project in Microsoft Project, what is the default view?

Q36. A project contains numerous linked tasks. What is the name for a task that is controlled or driven by another task(s)?

Q37. You have several Microsoft Project files open. One contains sensitive information, so you hide that file. What is true regarding the hidden file?

Q38. In the image below, what does the indicator in Task ID 9 represent?

Microsoft Project Q38

Q39. You are using work breakdown structure (WBS) codes for an in-progress project. Due to some schedule changes, tasks have been moved around, which has modified the WBS. How do you fix the WBS codes?

Q41. When breaking down the work that needs to be done on a project, what is the smallest unit of work known as?

Q42. A resource’s hours have increased over the span of five days for a particular task. The duration has not changed, and the task is effort driven. What element can you add to the Task Usage view to see what has changed?

Q43. You are modifying a project’s work breakdown structure (WBS) code. What is the default length for any selected sequence type?

Q45. In a project, duration can have different units. Which duration unit is not valid?

Q46. You would like to import a CSV file into a Microsoft Project file. Project displays a message about opening a file in an older format. How can you open this file?

Q47. A certain resource has a workload that varies for a task. The task spans five days and is slow to start, ramps up in the middle, and then eventually tapers off as it comes to an end. Which approach would you use to adjust and represent varying workload?

Q48. What is the purpose of a “Critical Path” in a Microsoft Project schedule, and how is it determined?

Q49. In Microsoft Project, what does the term “Resource Overallocation” refer to, and how can it be resolved?

Q49. In Microsoft Project, what does “PERT” stand for?

Q49. What is a “Resource Calendar” used for in Microsoft Project?