Q1. Which permission allows a user to create lists and document libraries, edit pages,and apply themes?

Q2. What happens when a file is deleted in SharePoint?

Q3. You are creating a new SharePoint subsite. From the following image, which template would you select to create a site that features scorecards, dashboards and access to PerformancePoint Services content?

Q4. You have enabled cloud hybrid search in your organization. What capability does this feature enable?

Q5. A user wants to place a OneDrive document into SharePoint. How can the user accomplish this?

Q6. A user wants to know what options are available when versioning is enabled. Which choice is not a versioning option?

Q7. You are building a workflow between applications in a SharePoint site. How do you test a workflow functionality?

Q8. In SharePoint what unique feature does a Document Set provide?

Q9. In a SharePoint online subscription, where is a user’s identity managed?

Q10. You want to use PowerShell to retrieve a list of users that are members of the Viewers group in a SharePoint site. Which command do you use?

Q11. What is the default state of a document checkout in a SharePoint library?

Q12. Which cloud-based tool can you use to add form responses to a SharePoint list?

Q13. You have created a workflow using the default issue tracking app. Unlike the tasks list, items are not being synchronized to Outlook tasks. Which statement explains the cause and remedy?

Q14. You are creating a new calendar list item in a SharePoint site. You want all users of this calendar to use the offline sync feature with the Outlook client. What steps do you include when creating instructions for users?

Q15. When a group-connected site is created in SharePoint who is assigned as the owner?

Q16. Which SharePoint component can use values such as text, choice, currency, and lookup?

Q17. What must you do when syncing a document library to the local computer?

Q18. What type of SharePoint object is SharePoint library?

Q20. When you create a user in Office365, to which SharePoint permissions group is the user automatically added as a member?

Q22. Which statement is true about SharePoint site collections?

Q23. A user has requested that a group of documents be hidden from a SharePoint site’s search capabilities. How do you access this setting?

Q24. According to a user, a SharePoint list is performing slowly and search results are not accurate. How can you assist in improving the list?

Q25. A new user in your organization needs the most restrictive SharePoint permissions available, with the exception of being able to add, edit and delete lists, view, add, update and delete list items and documents. Which permissions level do you grant the user?

Q26. You would like to manage SharePoint using PowerShell. What step must you complete first?

Q27. Which command do you use to view all SharePoint site collection with PowerShell?

Q28. When trying to add an External Content app to a SharePoint site, a user receives this message: “External Content Types are not available. Contact your system administrator.” What is the most likely issue?

Q29. You have implemented a workflow for a document from a template, and have outlined the steps taken to create the workflow. Which order of steps is correct?

1. Select the document in SharePoint.
2. From the ribbon, click Automate > Power Automate > Create a flow.
3. Select the template to use for the workflow.
4. Confirm the flow and any accounts to be used.
5. Configure any specific fields for the workflow.
1. From the ribbon, click Automate > Power Automate > Create a flow.
2. Select the document in SharePoint.
3. Select the template to use for the workflow.
4. Confirm the flow and any accounts to be used.
5. Configure any specific fields for the workflow.
1. Select the document in SharePoint.
2. From the ribbon, click Automate > Power Automate > Create a flow.
3. Configure any specific fields for the workflow.
4. Select the template to use for the workflow.
5. Confirm the flow and any accounts to be used.
1. Select the document in SharePoint.
2. Confirm the flow and any accounts to be used.
3. From the ribbon, click Automate > Power Automate > Create a flow.
4. Select the template to use for the workflow.
5. Configure any specific fields for the workflow.

Q30. How can you standardize lists (including the data types, the format, and more) within your organization?

Q31. How can you stop users from editing list items that other members created?

Q32. What is the easiest way to assign permissions to multiple SharePoint sites for multiple users?

Q33. A user wants to be notified when a certain file changes. What can achieve this?

Q34. When a user tries to create a new document in a SharePoint library, the default option is not Microsoft Word. What setting do you need to change in the library?

Q35. A SharePoint site document library has become disorganized with numerous folders. How can you disable folder creation without modifying any permissions?

1. Library Settings
2. Advanced Settings
1. Site Settings
2. Manage Site Features
1. Library Settings
2. Audience Targeting Settings
1. Site Settings
2. Site App Permissions

Q36. SharePoint lists and libraries have similarities. What differentiates a library from a list?

Q37. To control library submissions in a SharePoint site, you need to implement approvals. Where do you find this setting?

Q38. Which SharePoint feature is an example of a prebuilt application?

Q39. You would like a SharePoint subsite to have a mailbox. While researching configuration options, which statement do you find to be true?

Q40. A user needs to access a business intelligence reporting dashboard within a SharePoint site. Currently they do not have permission to view any content. Which group can provide the appropriate permissions?

Q41. You are using SharePoint Online. While the modern user experience has improved features, many users are more familiar with the classic experience. As a result, you decide to set the defaults to the classic experience. At what levels can this default be set?

Q42. You would like to use a SharePoint list app while traveling. What allows access to the app without directly interacting with SharePoint?

Q43. During the creation of a SharePoint site, permission inheritance was selected. Now the site owner wants to create brand-new permissions. How can the site owner accomplish this?

Q44. Your organization wants everyone to create new documents using specific formats. How can you implement this in SharePoint?

Q46. You are configuring search options for a SharePoint site. Which statement regarding indexing is true?

Q47. In a SharePoint modern list, which option is not possible?

Q48. While viewing a SharePoint group membership list, what navigation is available to access other SharePoint groups?

Q49. A user mentions that a list on one site seems different on another site, although the lists are essentially the same. Which settings is causing the discrepancy between the lists?

Q50. How can you set up users to add a status option of an item in a document library?

Q51. You need to build a new SharePoint subsite for your organization. What site template categories are available by default?

Q52. You have created a SharePoint site using the Publishing Portal template. Which permissions for this site are not found in a collaborative site?

Q53. A user asks you to add a photo repository to a SharePoint site. You inform the user that SharePoint has a prebuilt application that fulfills the need. What type of application is this?

Q54. You want to allow users to install site add-ins for a SharePoint farm. What must you configure first?

Q55. You are tasked with configuring Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for SharePoint. Which BCS data source uses HTTP, Atom, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to connect to web-based data?

Q56. What is the easiest way to assign permissions to multiple SharePoint sites for multiple users?

Q57. The News web part allows users to add a news post to the web part. What other item can users add to the News web part?

Q58. You need to create a new site as a SharePoint subsite that will not inherit permissions from the parent site. What must you do to block inheritance?

Q59. You created a site collection and would like to give a manager in your organization the capability to add and maintain users. To which group do you add this manager without compromising security?

Q60. How do you find site usage statistics in SharePoint Online?

Q61. An organization has deployed a SharePoint parent site that includes a four-level hierarchy of subsites. You want to add another subsite to this hierarchy. What is the hard limit on a subsite hierarchy?

Q62. You have created a new page in a SharePoint Online site. Which elements are displayed on the page by default?

Q63. What initiates a SharePoint workflow? (Select all that apply.)

A. manual trigger B. on-change automatic trigger C. on-create automatic trigger D. on-delete automatic trigger

Q64. What information is required to view a secondary team calendar as an overlay with a primary team calendar?

Q65. Which site collection feature allows for documents to be retrieved independent of their current location?