Q1. Which file contains all the drawing document-specific information, such as specifications for units, drafting standard, font selections, etc?

Reference : drawing template

Q2. You need to design a steel spring with a pitch diameter of 3 inches, free length of 10 inches, and pitch of 1 inch. How would you accomplish this in SOLIDWORKS?

Q3. Which single feature could you use to create this image?

solidworks image

Q4. Which choice is NOT a fillet type in SOLIDWORKS?

Q5. Your sketch is not extruding correctly. It does not seem to be a properly closed contour, although from a simple visual inspection, it looks to be fully closed. You think perhaps there are some very small gaps in your contour that are causing the issue. What tool can you use to find these small gaps?


Q6. Which choice is an example of a skected feature?


Q7. You want to make two circles have the same center point within a SOLIDWORKS sketch. How can you do this?

Q8. Which reference geometry is NOT available in SOLIDWORKS?


Q9. Specifying two lines to be perpendicular to each other would be an example of what?

Solidworks: Sketch Relations

Q10. You want to focus on a single component within your assembly and hide all the rest. How can you do this?

Solidworks: Isolate

Q11. What will Save As do on an existing saved part?


Q12. You want to show a list of the raw materials, subassemblies, intermediate assemblies, subcomponents, and parts, and the quantities of each, needed to manufacture an end product. What would be useful to accomplish this?


Q13. Freezing a portion of a model can be used if you work with complex models with many features. Why


Q14. Which single features could you use to design a cube, a sphere, and a paperclip, respectively?

Q15. Which choice is NOT a standard mate within SOLIDWORKS?


Q16. How would you temporarily remove a feature from a model?


Q17. You want to show an assembly’s components spread out and positioned to show how they fit together when assembled. How do you accomplish this?


Q18. How would you fix a Lofted Boss/Base feature that appears twisted?


Q19. When creating a sweep feature, you receive this error: “Cannot get to a point on the path to start with. For an open path, the path must intersect with the section plane.” How can you fix this?

Q20. With injection molding, one common manufacturing requirement or preference is applying a taper or angle to faces to help with part removal from the mold. Which feature can help you meet this requirement?

Q21. You want to simplify a very large and complex assembly to improve performance while working within it. What should you use?


Q22. If you are working with ISO standards, which projection method would you most likely be using?


Q23. You have a single line within a sketch that you would like to split into three separate lines. How can you achieve this?

Q24. What controls the direction and magnitude of a spline curvature?


Q25. You want to build a new part within an assembly to ensure in-context relations and dimensions. You also want to save out this part file as its own unique file. After navigating to the Assembly ribbon tab, what do you do next?


Q26. The ribbon bar at the top of your SOLIDWORKS screen has disappeared. How can you get it back?


Q27. Representing a three-dimensional object by a number of two-dimensional views is generally called


Q28. How can you rename a feature?


Q29. When using the Fillet tool, what does the Tanget Propagation option do?


Q30. You notice that one of the subassemblies in your main assembly is rigid and does not have mobility it should. How can you resolve this issue?


Q31. You dimension an arc in a drawing and notice that the dimension is coming in as the radius value. You want to show the diameter value. To do this, first you click the dimension to open the dimension PropertyManager. What do you do next?

Q32. In the image below, which are the parents and children of the Vertical Boss Feature?

solidworks image

Q33. In this image, which parts are fixed?

solidworks image


Q34. What is this image an example of?

solidworks image


Q35. What type of dimensioning is shown here?

solidworks image

Q36. In the image below, what types of hole are A1 and B1 respectively?

solidworks image

Q37. What is this sketch an example of?

solidworks image

Q38. Can this skecth be extruded?

solidworks image

Q39. Why is it useful to suppress a feature?

Q40. Which choice is not a standard view orientation in SOLIDWORKS?

Q41. What type of view is used to show a portion of some parent view, usually at an enlarged scale?

Q42. How can you create relationships between parts within an assembly?

Q43. What is required to create a solid using the Swept Boss/Base tool?

Q44. Which statement best describes the term “parametric modeling”?

Q45. What is required to create a solid using the Extruded Boss/Base tool?

Q46. Which choice is an example of an applied feature?

Q47. How can you change the size of a toolbox screw in an assembly?

Q48. Which choice is not a standard 3D view in SOLIDWORKS?

Q50. How can you reattach a broken reference in a derived split part?


Q51. You have designed a plastic part that you want to split and save in two separate unique parts. You use the Split tool to split the part in half and create the two bodies. What do you do next?

Q52. What is required to create a new 2D sketch?

Q53. You want to enlarge your current design by 3%. What tool would you use?

Q54. Earlier within your part design, you created a sketch. Now you want to make a copy of this sketch to use on a different plane or face. You want to ensure that the two sketches will always be the same, so that if you modify the original sketch, the new sketch is updated to reflect the same changes. How can you achieve this?

Q55. When creating sketches, small boxes show up next to the sketch lines. What are these boxes called?

Q56. You notice your sketch is blue. How can you make your sketch fully defined?

Q57. Which sketch relation can you NOT apply to a rectangle?

Q58. Using Autodimension in drawing mode can create dimensions in which styles?

Q59. What type of sketch do you need to create a sheet metal part?

Q60. How can you easily visualize parent/child arrows on the FeatureManager design tree?

Q61. You created a counterbore hole using the Hole Wizard. How can you automatically dimension all aspects of the counterbored hole in a drawing?

Q62. How can you add an angle to all extruded faces of a feature?

Q63. What is the file extension for a SOLIDWORKS drawing template?

Q64. Are planes required to start a 2D sketch?

Q65. How can you cut one body from another body within a multi-body part?

Q66. You want to share a SOLIDWORKS assembly with another SOLIDWORKS user so that user can edit it. What is the best way to do this?

Q67. Which choice is not a category of mates in SOLIDWORKS?

Q68. You want to share a SOLIDWORKS assembly with another SOLIDWORKS user so that user can edit it. What is the best way to do this?

Q69. How can you create a drawing view in SOLIDWORKS?

Q70. When working with assemblies in SOLIDWORKS, what does the “Collision Detection” tool help you identify?