Unity (Animation, Asset Management, C# Scripting, Gameplay, Programming)

Q1. What can you use to visually distinguish between Play mode and Design mode in the editor?

Q2. A developer executes the C# code below, which finds any game objects tagged as “enemy” in a start event. But the developer notices that, when executed, FindGameObjectsWithTag returns NULL even though the scene contains objects tagged as “Enemy”. What is a possible cause?

GameObject[] MyEnemies = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“Enemy”);

Q3. What does this code sample achieve? Float Answer = Random.value * 10f;

Q4. Unity scenes may be saved entirely in the YAML format. Why might you do this?

Q5. Orthographic cameras remove which visual effect?

Q6. What is Cinemachine Virtual Camera used for?

Q7. What does the Microphone class save captured audio data as?

Q8. Cinemachine offers tools for building gameplay behaviours. Which component makes spline based paths for moving objects?

Q9. When building assets like meshes for Unity. It is good practice to use which measurement unit?

Q10. The Collaborate feature of Unity Teams empowers whom to do what?

Q11. The Clear Flags property of the Camera components affects which behaviour?

Q12. What is the OnAnimatorMove event on MonoBehaviour objects commonly used for?

Q13. Which MonoBehaviour method runs by default in Editor mode?

Q14. For the OnTriggerEnter function to invoke successfully on a collision between two objects, at least one must have which two components?

Q15. UI elements, such as images and buttons, may be fixed at specific screen positions to build responsive interfaces. Which Unity features help achieve this?

Q16. The occlusion map of a material is often a grayscale image with pixels ranging between black and white. What does this map contribute to an object’s material?

Q17. What can you use to organize different game objects into groups inside the Hierarchy panel?

Q18. The Project windows search box can filter the display of assets with text commands. Which command displays only texture assets?

Q19. A bullet game object is fired from a weapon and travels quickly through the scene using a RigidBody component. It sometimes passes through solid objects even though they have colliders. What is a reasonable strategy for correcting this?

Q20. Some material types may include normal map textures. What does a normal map achieve?

Q21. A SkinnedMeshRenderer component is attached automatically by Unity to some mesh objects when they are added to a scene. Which reason best explains why?

Q22. Which C# attribute can show a private variable in the object inspector?

Q23. What is a technique for optimizing Unity UI elements?

Q24. What does the C# Space attribute used below achieved?

Public string PlayerName;

Q25. Every time you double-click a C# script file from the Project window, Unity prints the message below (or something very similar) to the console. What is a reasonable step in trying to solve this? Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided

Q26. What is the Console windows useful for?

Q27. Sprite atlas assets, large textures containing many smaller sprites, can be optimized by batching together what?

Q28. You are making a game where you need to execute your own functions in response to critical animation events for a rigged character. Specifically, there are two events you must handle: when an animation state is entered and when it is exited in the Animator graph. Which class may be used to invoke your code when those two events happen?

Q29. How can you change the unique bundle identifier for a mobile build?

Q30. Rigidbody components may be added to objects with colliders to make them affected by physical forces. What does the IsKinematic property achieve?

Q31. The primary directional light in a scene is linked by default to a procedural scene Skybox. What does the rotation of this light control?

Q32. You can combine quaternions together through which arithmetic operation?

Q33. Which feature generates binary tree data to optimize camera rendering in a scene?

Q34. How does the Range C# attribute control the interaction behavior of numerical variables in the Object Inspector?

Q35. What does this code fragment do when attached to a rigged character?

    public Animator avatar;
    public Transform lookAtObj;
    void OnAnimatorIK(int layerIndex)

Q36. The variable Transform.forward is a Vector3 measured in what?

Q37. De-lighting is associated with which technology?

Q38. Humanoid character assets, like NPCs and the player character, feature on Avatar object. Which statement best describes its purpose?